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Ss. Cyril and Methodius University

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the first state University in the Republic of Macedonia, founded in 1949, initially with three faculties: the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.
At the moment, the University represents a functional community of 21 faculties, 5 research institutes and 11 accompanying members. Its activities are stipulated by the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University.



The University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola known by the acronym of UKLO is the second state university in Republic of Macedonia and the most important institution in the area of higher education in the region of South-Western Macedonia. The specific heterogeneous educational offer of the University, referring to different scientific disciplines, educating profiles compatible to the labor market, is represented by more than 40 undergraduate study programs and more than 30 postgraduate study programs on 10 higher-educational units: 9 faculties and one higher vocational school.



The European University is a modern high-educational institution, which permanently promotes its educational, staff and material base. The University provides staff support in the realization in the process of transition of the system.

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National Student Union of Macedonia

National Student Union of Macedonia – NSUM

The National Student Union of Macedonia is an Non-Governmental Organization registered acording to law for “Citizens’ associations & fondations” of Republick of Macedonia.
By its caracter it’s a organization which unites all Student Unions, in other words all the students from Republic of Macedonia. That means that the role of the National Student Union of Macedonia in general is to articulate the needs and the requests of about 45.000 students which studies in our country, both on national and international level.
So, from there commes the need for these kind of organization, which freely we can count in order of institutions which are of national interest for Republick of Macedonia.

University American College Skopje

University American College Skopje

Our European and American learning programs provide you with innovative strategies and techniques to distinguish yourself in the job market anywhere around the world.
Whether you need your advanced degree to unlock new job opportunities or to enhance your current position, UACS is the right choice for your future success.At the University, we emphasize quality and individual attention

UC Josif Josifovski

UC “Josif Josifovski” Gevgelija

Својот темпераментен дух, низ годините, креативно го покажуваат низ неколку традиционални културно-уметнички манифестации: Фестивал на детска песна “Калинка“, Поетско-музичка манифестација “За тебе љубов моја“, Ликовна колонија “Дојрана“, Ден на шегата “Априлијада“, Коледарски хепенинг и други. Во манифестациите редовно се јавуваат ученици од училишниот центар “Јосиф Јосифовски“ како бисери…

SUGS JBT - Skopje

SUGS “JBT” – Skopje

The school offers instruction in three curricula: general high school curriculum, language high school curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. Within the general high school curriculum there is a programme for students who follow…


OMU “Vaso Karajanov” Gevgelija

Почитувани, Добродојдовте на web презентацијата на Основното Музичкото Училиште “Васо Карајанов” во Гевгелија, web страница за промоција на нашето и вашето училиште. На web страницата ви претставуваме информации во врска со работата и програмите кои ги нуди ОМУ “Васо Карајанов”.

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Wikipedia Glavna Strana


ISIC Macedonia

ISIC Macedonia – International Student Identity Card Macedonia – opens doors for you and will help you get far and succeed.
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