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Invest Macedonia, the official Government agency responsible for attracting and developing foreign investments is a full service agency prepared to guide you throughout the decision-making process.

As an institution dedicated to making this process as beneficial and effortless as possible, we are eager to lead you through the initial inquiry phase, arrange a suitable itinerary to visit Macedonia, and culminate with an objective evaluation of the potential success of your project in Macedonia in comparison to neighboring countries, based on the current business climate. If your business requires finding suitable local partners, we will aid you through the process and ensure that an open exploratory dialogue can take place.

Meeting your business requirements is our primary goal. Our Aftercare program will provide assistance by mediating on your behalf with local authorities and the Government, supporting your expansion or reinvestment needs, aiding in obtaining required permits, and be at your disposal at all times to ensure the continued success of your business venture in Macedonia. Invest Macedonia understands the ever changing business needs as an operation grows, and to that effect, we pledge to collaborate closely with you to facilitate that growth in Macedonia.

INTERNATIONAL OFFICES: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, South America, PR China, India, Japan, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia Phone: +389 2 3100 111 Fax:   +389 2 3122 098

Business .:::. Money

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Skopje Fair

Modern business requires from us to constantly adapt to the market in search for better solutions, so we, in the Era Group, are conducting them to development of new avenues of commerce, development of socially responsible projects and networking. The advantages of the new activities and investments in many markets are particularly excellent information and networking business, so the whole group of players is becoming increasingly international nature of business stories.

Address: Skopje Fair Belasica 2, 1130 Skopje, Macedonia Phone: +389 (0)2 3218 388   Fax: +389 (0)2 3218 375   E-mail:



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Economic Chamber of Macedonia

The Chamber, as a form of organization of the economy of the Republic of Macedonia, by its activity and performing of its functions, has contributed immensely to the development of the Macedonian economy, mostly for vocational training of employees, the improvement of production quality and the development and affirmation of the country’s economic potentials through advertising, promotion and representing individual specialized organizations founded by the Economic Chamber

Address: ECONOMIC CHAMBER OF MACEDONIA Dimitrie Cupovski Str. no 13 1000 Skopje, Macedonia Contact Call Center: (02) 15015 Phone: +389 (0)2 3244 000   Fax: +389 (0)2 3244 088   E-mail:


Macedonian Stock Exchange

Our mission is to provide efficient, transparent and secure functioning of the organized secondary securities market in the Republic of Macedonia, through a continuous effort to create basis for market entry and exit from all financial instruments to all investors at fair market price, in order to facilitate building of confidence in the Macedonian securities market.


Macedonia GLOBAL Investment Summit

We are very excited for the great potential an event such as the Macedonia Global Investment Summit will have in the overall economic health and growth in Macedonia. These continued efforts illustrate how together we can help in building a stronger nation.


Macedonia 2025

Macedonia 2025 is dedicated to helping create a prosperous economic climate in Macedonia that will establish opportunity and innovation for its citizens and foreign investors. Our mission is to assist in positioning Macedonia as a preferred destination for foreign direct investment, promote transparency within government and corporate practices, and inspire future business leaders in Macedonia. Through these efforts, and the resources of Macedonia 2025’s Board of Directors, we strive to help in building a stronger nation.

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