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Macedonian Airports

Welcome to the web site of Airports of Macedonia
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Alexander The Great Airport

Welcome to Skopje ALEXANDER THE GREAT Airport
Skopje Alexander The Great Airport has on its disposal a passenger terminal with an area of 4000 m , with a capacity of two entrance and two exit gates, which enable servicing of 500 000 – 600 000 passengers annually. The airport platform has a capacity of 15 parking places for commercial and general aviation aircrafts, including the wide body aircrafts.
The capacities of the cargo center are around 2000 m in two cargo hangers for export and import of goods. In addition to the domestic airline Macedonian Airlines, there are 10 foreign airlines operating to 15 European destinations at the Skopje airport.
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St. Paul The Apostle Airport

Welcome to Ohrid ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE Airport
At the Ohrid St. Paul The Apostle Airport the regular traffic is conducted by the domestic airline Macedonian Airlines and 4-5 foreign airlines, operating together to 7-8 European…

10th FAI World championship in Manilla, Australia

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Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia

Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia

Welcome to the official web site of the Aeronautical federation of Macedonia… The first aeronautical organizations in Macedonia were founded in 1923 in Skopje and Strumica. The first air show took place in fall 1926 on a nearby hill
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Македонска Авијација – За оние за кои само небото е граница!

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